Faster | All in One Place

Email, social, chat, and texts, all together. No more jumping from app to app.

Smarter | Prioritized Messages

MessageHub cuts through the junk mail and random posts, surfacing your most important messages.

Better | One-Click Share

With just one click, share across Facebook, Twitter, and email. Plus, see what people are posting in one place and share it to another, seamlessly.

Faster. Smarter. Better.

One app for all your email, social, chat, and texts. MessageHubTM more than merges, it prioritizes messages — keeping you close to those who matter most.

Goodbye post.
Hello conversation.

No more checking Facebook, then Twitter, then texts, then email. Be everywhere your friends are all at once.

People Want a Better Way to Communicate

71% agree they receive too many emails, messages, and/or posts that are of little interest to them

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